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Name and Details
Manappuram Finance
Gold Loan / Loan Against Gold
Welcome to India`s First Listed and Highest Credit Rated Gold Loan Company, registered under Reserve Bank of India, founded in 1949.
Many location
Patna Finance Consultancy Pvt. Ltd.
Home Loan, Mortgage, C.C. Project Loan
Exhibition Road, Patna
Mob: 9304156596, 9470416880
Exhibition Road 
Atls Financial Consultancy Services
Provides all types of loan through lander firm/company/NBFC/ Bank
Goal Ghar Chauraha
Rathore Associate
Vehicle Project, Personal Property, Educational, Business loan
Contact : 9204322450, 9507252009
Houshing Loan, Flat Loan, General Insurance, Investment etc.
411, Ashiyana Galaxy, Exhibition Road, Patna - 1
Mob.- 9431075668, 9334965226
email- srivastavasumit4@yahoo.in
We Believe In Your Dream
 Exhibition Road
Consumer Loan, Auto Loan, Home Aplliances etc.
127, Lok Nayak Bhawan, Dakbunglow, Patna - 1
Cont.: 0612 2202666, 9334118193
email : sanjay_sfc@yahoo.com

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