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There is no point in discouraging the cute young thing next door who is only 5' 2", dark skinned and wants to be model means ordinary looks can be marvelously photogenic and height is no problem if you want to be featured in commercials. One has to know the art of making magical appearance whether it is on ramp or media. No one really knows who will click with the camera or lights on the stage. Next question can you make it happen. At least you must believe that you can. Confidence will take you a long way here.

What do you need to be :-
This has a lot to do with where you want to model-ramp, audio-visual, stills.

As far as the physical attributes go, Ramp Walking would require an extremely flattering height 5'6" onwards for girl & 5'8" onward for boys. (however the ability to emote is not so important in ramp as it is in media.) In commercials whether it is in print or audiovisual the expressions are extremely important. In this case some amount of acting is involved since the model is communicating here for a commodity.. The appearance and diction should match that of the product and carry the desired massage to the masses.

A reasonable good skin and hair. A fit and toned body fair speech and of course a dynamic attitude.

One need a slim, well toned body. If you are already blessed with it fine , otherwise visit a gym and start working out under the instruction of fitness expert. Consult a medical practitioner for a diet chart and fitness programme. Get in touch with a beauty consultant for a daily care routine. This will help you to improve your hair skin etc. If you think that you need to brush up on your communication skill and social etiquette, you can join a personality development or grooming classes. Having a good ward-robe is another area of concern. A model is supposed to make an impressive public appearance and it's not possible without right apparel.

Getting the portfolio done is a very important step. It is this portfolio that will get you calls from the agencies and clients. Apart from selecting best fashion photographers you can also require the service of a make up artist and costume designer. It is better if the team is experienced in the field of creating portfolio.

Visiting the advertising agencies, model coordinators choreographers, event managers with your portfolio. It is important to build up contacts in this circuit. People must know you in order to get in touch with you. Once your portfolio matches with requirement of a client you would be called for a screening. This is the time for you to prove your mettle. This test performance could be your way to gest of success. What you need here to display in a perfectly professional attitude.

Be a strong character, if you are weak and insecure their are people to take advantage of you. Presenting yourself for clients is an important part of the job. The client wants to see the natural beauty of the model. It would be wise not to wear too much make up. Dress simply: It is extremely important to have a pleasant and professional attitude. Work hard in front of camera. Go prepared for the shot .Look up references beforehand and have suggestions and ideas. It's better to know what you're good at.



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